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Making your loan payment is fast and secure with our online Payment Center. Use it to initiate payments from your checking or savings account at another financial institution or your credit or debit card.

To use this service, you will need the 14-digit account number for your loan (EX: 26000001234560), your zip code on file and the last 4 digits of borrowers social security number. The payment coupons you received have your account number or you can contact us at 614.239.0210 or 800.986.3876 for loan account information.  For additional assistance using the Online Payment Center please call 866-781-3799.

Please keep the following in mind as you register and schedule your payment(s):
·         Register in the name of the primary borrower.  Once an account is registered, anyone can log on and make payments.  But the registration information must match that for the primary borrower in our loan files.
·         Make one payment at a time.  If you have more than one loan, you must register each one under a separate username. 
·         Columbus Metro Visa payments cannot be processed through the Payment Center. Visit to make a payment to your Columbus Metro Visa card.
·         Mortgage payments must be for the exact amount on your payment coupon. Extra principal payments cannot be processed through the Payment Center at this time.
It takes approximately 24 to 48 business hours for a payment to post to your loan account.
Please click Login to begin or Register now if you are a first-time user.

Please log in to begin or register now if you are a first-time user.


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