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You can use this Payment Center to quickly and securely make your loan or credit card payments using an alternative credit card
Important Note: When making payments to Elevations Credit Union loans or credit cards, please keep in mind that the loan number must always be 13 digits long. For a payment to post to a loan:
·          The first two digits will always be: 60
·          The next two digits will be your loan suffix
·          The last nine digits will be your account number, preceded by the appropriate number of zeros (0) to fill before your account number in order to reach the 13-digit requirement
·          If your account number is 3 digits long, you would enter: 60_ _ 000000_ _ _
·          If your account number is 4 digits long, you would enter: 60_ _ 00000_ _ _ _
·          If your account number is 5 digits long, you would enter: 60_ _ 0000­ ­_ _ _ _ _
·          If your account number is 6 digits long, you would enter: 60_ _ 000_ _ _ _ _ _
If you have any questions, please call 303.443.4672 (or 1.800.429.7626) or email us at  collect@elevationscu.com.

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